The rocking crew at Dentalspa Geelong were so excited to be a sponsor of the Chilwell Food Fair that they sent the Tooth Fairy along to visit our children! What rock stars!

Unprompted, our curious Chilwell children started asking all the fun questions and here is how it rolled:

Q. What is your favourite flavour of toothpaste?

Classic mint because it’s refreshing! (We like minty freshness too!)

Q. Who is your favourite Disney character?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she sees the beauty within. (Aw, we love Belle too)

Q. What is the most popular ride at the food fair?

The giant slide! (Totes is!)

Q. What is your favourite colour?

Pink (We love pink. And purple. And blue. And all the colours of the rainbow.)

Q. What is your favourite food at the fair?

Curry sounds very good. We’ve heard a lot about that! (The curry does rock!)

Q. What is your favourite toothbrush?

Oral B triumph. Kids should be using a soft toothbrush for two minutes two times per day and floss! (Thanks for the tips!)

The business bit: Dentalspa Geelong specialises in sophisticated non-invasive dental treatments and preventative dentistry – ensuring your next visit to the dentist is a comfortable experience. The professional and friendly team at Dentalspa will quickly put you at ease and listen to your needs before suggesting the best treatment to give you a smile you will be proud of. You can go give the Tooth Fairy a real life high five at 20 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong or a virtual pat on the back at

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