We heart businesses and so do the cool guys at Whitehead Advisory. They also heart Chilwell so they decided to be even more awesome and become a Silver Sponsor (insert cheer here please). We decided that because business guys sometimes wear ties and well, school kids don’t, that it was time we got back to basics and got the Larry Lowdown on what they were going to do at this year’s Fair. So Grade 1 kid James got his thinking cap on and fired these questions at Whitehead Advisory’s chief tie wearer, Stuart!

The business bit: Whitehead Advisory is a corporate consultancy firm focusing on the creation and preservation of value for clients across the entire life cycle of the business. Whitehead Advisory consulting, financial modelling, corporate finance and information management advisory services to SME clients on fundamental business issues including performance, funding, information and corporate activity. You can check out more at www.whiteheadadvisory.com.au


Q1. What Chilwell Food Fair food will you choose on the night?

  • A: Sausages with onion and mustard from the Gourmet Grill of course!

Q2. Which ride will you go on? 

  • A: I’ve only ever been on one ride – the teacups which is great fun.

Q3. What superhero powers would you want if you could have them?

  • A: I’d definitely want to fly, have amazing strength and an extra loud clap with a lightning strike to scare my enemies.

Q4. Which ride can we go on together at the Chilwell Food Fair?

  • A: The massive drop slide for sure! Perhaps we could even have a race?

Q5. Is there any other ride you want to go on with me? 

  • A: I’m not sure we’ll fit on the bucking bull together and I’m probably too big for the disco so perhaps the teacups and big slide.

Q6. Do you want a show bag? Which one? A lolly one or prank?

  • A: Prank one for sure!


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