There are a bunch of bakers at the BreadQuarters of La Madre Bakery in Bell Park who love to bake. This is a lucky thing because that means your burger from the Gourmet Grill is in a La Madre bun. Those bakers also love Chilwell Primary School so they’ve decided to keep on doing what they do best. So they are a product partner of the Food Fair and that means that they will bake delicious buns for the Gourmet Grill, rolls for the Hot Dog Stand and some pretty rad cakes for the Cake Stall. It is a win-win situation with happy tummies and happy bakers all around.

The business bit: La Madre is an award winning wholesale artisan bakery specialising in sourdough and traditional breads. They heart fresh, simple ingredients and a long fermentation process to make breads full of gracious goodness. There are no nasties in their products and they love looking after the environment too. So that is a tick, tick and a tick! You can find out more about these doughy boys at